From Ararat To Ararat On The Ropeway

Hasmik Dilanyan

17:52 25.12.2012

In this age of conflicts, ethnic and religious intolerance,
international terrorism and challenges, the international community
needs a pivotal idea to unite people following different religions.

Ex-Mayor of the city of Gavar Felix Gharabaghtsyan suggests
implementing a program of international concord by building “Noah’s

“All countries of the world will join the idea of dialogue in a small
country,” Felix Gharabaghtsyan said.

He suggests building “Noah’s Park” on the slope of Mount Ararat to
provide an opportunity to representatives of the clergy, trans-national
and international organizations to cooperate.

The project envisages building a ropeway to Mount Ararat. To
what extent is the construction of a ropeway from Armenia to
Turkey possible? Felix Gharabaghtsyan says it will be easy if the
international community demands. He believes Turkey will also agree
and assures there are many people ready to finance the project.

The author presented the project to the Government three years ago.

Initially, it has been decided to build the park in Ararat marz.

Gharabaghtsyan wants to meet with the President to present the details
of the program.