People must express desire to make changes in the country: Raffi Hov

People must express desire to make changes in the country: Raffi Hovannisyan

13:02, 22 December, 2012

YEREVAN, DECEMBER 22, ARMENPRESS: People must show willingness and
change our country once and forever. Armenia must have new Presidency,
new Constitution and new citizen. “Heritage “party chairman Raffi
Hovhannisyan came forth in the briefing with the journalists during
Heritage party convened session launched on December 22.

”I hope during upcoming two months our society will undergo grave
changes, register new qualities. All Presidential candidates are
opponents, while the people are set to guide them” Hovhannisyan came
up with, stating current session is a public meeting, which will be
concluded with a small session.

According to the party chairman not an official invitation has been
sent. The entry is open both for the politicians and public
representatives. Dwelling on US pursued policy towards Armenia, Raffi
Hovhannisyan underscored he is hopeful the nomination of John Kerry
in the post of the Secretary of State will be for the favor of
Armenians. ”We cherish hope US Secretary of State will keep to its
principles and continue to protect the interests of Armenia”
Hovhannisyan noted.

“Heritage” session was launched with the blessing of spiritual father
and musical performances.