Country of Law Party backs incumbent President

Country of Law Party backs incumbent President

The 11th extraordinary convention of Orinats Yerkir (Country of Law –
OYK) Party took place at the Karen Demirchian Sport and Concert Hall

The main issue of the agenda was the party’s position regarding the
presidential election to be held on 18 February, 2013.
The convention was attended by Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan,
Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan, and the NA Speaker Hovik Abrahamian.
The OYK leader Arthur Baghdasarian welcomed them.

In his speech, Arthur Baghdasarian said that OYK has closely
cooperated with the people and tried to implement the programs that
the party has developed.

In his words, in 2008 OYK made a correct decision as at the time the
country was on the brink of a civil war.
Baghdasarian said they will continue to endorse Serzh Sargsyan,
cooperate with the Republican Party of Armenia (HHK), and form a
common political team.

Baghdasarian noted that they will support Serzh Sargsyan because he
managed to overcome the financial and economic crisis and keep the
country from a social collapse.

He stated that OYK continues to support reforms and changes.

According to him, Serzh Sargsyan has all the opportunities to be
re-elected Armenian President, and OYK will support him.