Russian Contest Celebrity Claims His Armenian Songs Call Of Blood


DECEMBER 18, 22:35

The voice of Edward Khachatryan attracts from the first seconds,
making a trip into the unknown and distant world of music. His name
was unknown till the selective round for the “Voice” project in
Russia. STYLE took an interview from the singer.

Armenian audience knows almost nothing about you, where do you
come from?

My roots go back to Western Armenia, from where as a result of the
Armenian Genocide in 1915 they spread and arrived in Akhaltskha,
Batumi, and Sochi, where I was born.

When did you start your career?

I dealt with music at a very young age with my brother Hakop, who is
a celebrity musician by the way. Since 1996, I have participated in
lots of contests and I have lots of rewards.

Have you ever been to Armenia?

Unfortunately I have only been once during my childhood, but I hope
to visit one day my historic homeland in the near future.

Do you speak Armenian?

It is difficult to speak but I understand well. Anyway I do have
Armenian songs in my repertoire, which are likely to be ‘call of

In addition I prefer clever and wise, as well as beautiful and feminine
girls, regardless their nationality.

By Marina Adulyan

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