Alik Sargsyan: Accusations Are Just Nonsense, Plus a Bit of Ravings

`All Those Accusations Are Just Nonsense, Plus a Bit of Ravings,’ Alik
Sargsyan Says

DECEMBER 15, 2012 17:37

`All accusations are nonsense, I haven’t committed any crime to be
accused by anyone. That is just empty talk, time will tell, let’s wait
and see. I am clean, surely. All those accusations are nonsense, plus
a bit of ravings,’ Alik Sargsyan, an adviser to the President of the
Republic of Armenia and a former Chief of Police of the Republic of
Armenia, said today in response to a question of Mr.
Sargsyan was in a hurry and didn’t wish to answer any other questions.

Let us remind that Margar Ohanyan, a former chief of traffic police,
said during a trial of gas misappropriation case that the case was
caused by the relationship between former Chief of Police Alik
Sargsyan and him, which had become tense since April 2011. And the
tension, as Margar Ohanyan stated, was caused by disagreements on
certain staff appointments. `When I assumed the office of the chief of
traffic police, the additional revenues were 1billion 700 million AMD,
when I was in office, they increased to 4 billion 850 million AMD.
Traffic accidents decreased by 200 in 2 years; as a result of that the
number of the dead decreased by 100, the number of the injured
decreased by 300. If I had allowed misappropriating gas in the traffic
police, you can be sure such results would never have been yielded,
all the witnesses’ testimonies 100% confirmed in court that the work
of the traffic police hadn’t been disrupted for one moment because of
gas coupons or for any other reasons. I want someone to explain to me
what constituted my abuse of office, which also caused serious
consequences mentioned in Article 308, Section 2. It is obvious
revenge against me. I haven’t taken an action that is forbidden by
law,’ Margaryan Ohanyan said during the February 21 trial. It was
published in the press recently that Vardges Hovakimyan, a former
governor of Ararat, who is accused of abuse of office, falsification
and negligence, had stated after a court session that it would be
better, if 400 million AMD given to the regional administration in
2007 for renovation were also thoroughly checked, since, according to
him, very little work had been done for that money. `Alik Sargsyan
pocketed it and spent on the restaurant New Artashat,’ Hovakimyan
said, adding that he was working on revealing the truth.


From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Emil Lazarian

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