Relations with Diaspora recently taken to a new level – Sargsyan

Relations with Diaspora recently taken to a new level – Serzh Sargsyan

December 15, 2012 | 12:58

YEREVAN. – Armenia-Diaspora relations continue developing dynamically,
though some elements of the mutually beneficial cooperation require
more consistent work, Armenian President said.

In recent years, the relations with Diaspora were taken to a new
level, Serzh Sargsyan said on Saturday addressing the delegates of the
congress Republican Party of Armenia.

`Our potential, hundreds of examples of solidarity and cooperation of
all Armenians, multiplied our competitive advantages. At the same
time, the results obtained so far do not reflect the diversity and
depth of our collective abilities,’ he said.

Serzh Sargsyan believes implementation of strategic programs jointly
with the structures of the Diaspora, creating conditions for
cooperation between Armenia and the Diaspora, and the effectiveness of
mutual engagement, remain valid.

Speaking about the projects to be implemented in the coming years,
President Sargsyan pointed out increasing university scholarships
given to students from the Diaspora, the expansion of the cooperation
programs with educational centers in the Diaspora, the implementation
of joint research in the field of preservation of the Armenian

`The results of the programs, jointly implemented with worldwide
spread Armenian Diaspora, will become tangible in the near future,’ he