Environmental Activists Change Tactics in Dealings with Municpality

Environmental Activists Change Tactics in Dealings with Yerevan Municpality
Narek Aleksanyan

15:04, December 15, 2012

Karineh Danielyan, a member of the Yerevan Municipality’s Urban
Construction Advisory Council’s Environmental Committee, lamented the
fact that proposals submitted by environmental activists have been
lost, collecting dust somewhere in the archives of the mayor’s office.

`Every mayor blames his predecessor for the environmental ills facing
Yerevan. We have consistently submitted a host of suggestions that
could serve to ameliorate the situation but they remain on the shelves
in the bowels of the municipality collecting dust. Now we have changed
our tactics and have met in person with Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan
and presented our proposals. He agreed to them all and promised to
solve all problems possible,’ Danielyan said at a press conference

She said that Mayor Margaryan promised to review the work permits of
fifteen construction sites within Yerevan’s `Green Ring’.

Another concern raised by environmentalists is the seismic safety of Yerevan.

According to geologist Rouben Haytoyan, Armenia lacks a science lab
and a unit of professionals that can study the ground beneath Yerevan
and calculate where high-rise buildings are safe to construct.

Haytoyan said there are many building in Yerevan whose foundations are
unstable or totally lacking.