Tsarukyan decision deprived the opposition of the opportunity to uni

Sociologist: Tsarukyan’s decision deprived the opposition of the
opportunity to unite
17:12 14.12.2012

Karen Ghazaryan

The political parties are too personalized today, and the political
developments often depend on the position and behavior of party
leaders, political scientist Gagik Keryan told a press conference

As for the forthcoming presidential elections, there is a struggle for
the rating of candidates. Therefore, those individuals start weighing
what they will gain and what they will lose by participating in the

According to the political scientist, this very mechanism worked in
the decision of the leader of Prosperous Armenia Party Gagik Tsarukyan
not to run for President.

Head of the `Sotsiometer’ sociological center Aharon Adibekyan said
Tsarukyan’s decision to withdraw from the presidential race deprived
the opposition of the chance to unite.