New Report Cites Egregious Election Fraud in Armenia

New Report Cites Egregious Election Fraud in Armenia

Friday, December 14th, 2012

The PFA report

The Policy Forum of Armenia, a US-based think thank and advocacy
organizations, published and presented a report on Thursday detailing
egregious violations and fraud during the May 2012 parliamentary
elections in Armenia.

The report, `The Armenian Parliamentary Election of 2012,’ provides an
in-depth analysis of the political-economic and legislative
developments leading up to the 2012 election. It also summarizes the
reactions of key stakeholders – the opposition parties, foreign
observers, and local civil society groups – to the election outcome.

`What particularly sets the report apart from other analyses, however,
is the range of statistical tests, conducted by professional analysts,
that support stakeholder reactions. These tests not only yielded ample
evidence of persistent and strategic election fraud, but also
pinpointed the beneficiary of such corrupt practices, namely the
ruling party,’ said the PFA in its announcement of the report.

Read the entire report.