Judicial act on the case of NSS former investigator Vladimir Kotolya

Judicial act on the case of NSS former investigator Vladimir Kotolyan
to be published soon
Thu, 12/13/2012 – 20:30

Today the Court of Center and Norq Marash administrative districts of
Yerevan under the presidency of justice Mkhitar Papoyan will publish
the judicial act on the case against the RA NSS former investigator of
the investigation department Vladimir Kotoloyan accused of taking

The defendant made his final speech by joining the unified defence
speech of his advocates Vagharshak Gevorgyan, Karen Qamalyan and Emil
Petrosyan, that contained facts, which, according to the defendant,
stated that his guilt was not proved.

He highlighted that in comparison with the preliminary investigation
and first trial on the case, the second trial held objective and
detailed investigation. Particularly, essential witnesses that were
not interrogated in the previous instances were invited to the Court.
According to the defendant, their testimonies once again reasoned that
the criminal case initiated against him and the indictment brought in
against him are unreasoned and built `on mercenary, demonstrative
decisions of someone or a group of people’.

The defendant highlighted that he performed his professional duties of
the RA NSS employee with a big sense of responsibility and reported
about every action taken in the scope of the case of Hovhannes
Gevorgyan the higher instances and the prosecutor realizing
supervision on the case.

V. Kotolyan declared that as before he does not recognize himself
guilty and expects a fair decision corresponding to the requirements
of the law.

Let us recall that the defendant party submitted a request to
terminate the criminal case on the grounds of the absence of the
crime, and the accuser Ashot Nadoyan submitted a request in his
accusation speech to sentence the defendant to 7 years of imprisonment
and confiscate 1/3 of his private property.

According to the accuser, the trial confirmed that the former
investigator of the NSS V. Kotolyan in the light of revealing drugs in
the scope of his investigation received a bribe of a particularly bog
amount of USD 4000 in exchange for not initiating a criminal case and
not invoking liability against those who are responsible. According to
the accuser, the person on the case of drugs Hovhannes Gevorgyan,
always gave accusing testimonies against the defendant, and the
controversial explanations by the latter in the applications sent to
different instances are conditioned with the pressure made on him by
the parties interested in the case.


From: A. Papazian