Aleppo residents distributed with hot meals just cooked in the stree

Aleppo residents are distributed with hot meals just cooked in the streets

13:19, 14 December, 2012

YEREVAN, DECEMBER 14, ARMENPRESS: Yakubie Armenian village located in
Idlib district, near the Turkish border, for a long time has been a
center of hot clashes before the launch of anti Government clashes
orchestrated in Aleppo. Berio National Primacy press secretary Jirayr
Reisyan informed Armenpress, driven by security reasons numerous
Armenians have quitted the village during the clashed hold between the
Government loyal forces and rebels.Mainly the old people and men have
stayed in the village and according to the latest info the village is
under the control of the opposition.

In the words of the press secretary the information about occupying
st. Anna church adjunct newly built building and surrounding areas are
not officially confirmed. Irregular phone connection in its turn also
hinders to the clarification of the information. Reisyan informs, they
will make efforts to connect with the local priest and learn correct
news about the occurring events taking place in Yakubie village.
Aleppo based facebook users inform the village habitants are in panic,
whereas the rebels say no danger threatens them.

What refers to the prevailing situation in Aleppo, Berio National
Primacy press secretary states currently the situation in the second
largest city of Syria is calm, and no sounds of shelling are heard.
Some benevolent organizations are cooking hot meals and distributing
them to Aleppo residents. Syrian Armenian Red Cross organization also
undertakes similar actions distributing meal to local Armenians once
in a week. Besides according to Reisyan free of charge bread
distribution program is being elaborated. Aleppo Syrian army
distributed free bread to the people on December 13 and 14.