President Rejects Key Points Of Arf Election Plan


Monday, December 10th, 2012

ARF Bureau chairman Hrant Markarian

YEREVAN ( Serzh Sarkisian on Saturday rejected two
key elements of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation’s seven-point
elections platform, following a lengthy meeting with the party’s Bureau
chairman Hrant Markarian and Supreme Council of Armenia representative
Armen Rustamian.

Markarian told press representatives on Monday that Sarkisian rejected
the ARF’s proposal for Armenia to adopt a parliamentary form of
government and the party’s insistence that Armenia withdraw its
signature from the Turkey-Armenia protocols.

Markarian explained that the president is firm in his belief that
Armenian government is on the right path vis-a-vis the protocols and
has added that the system of governance was not the problem.

“Was the meeting with the president useless?” said Markarian. “If we
look at it only in a purely functional way, then probably yes. But
it also made sense because our arguments and views might influence
his thinking.” “If that happens, we will be grateful. If not, we will
have no regrets that we did not try,” he told journalists.

Markarian explained that the meeting with Sarkisian was previously
scheduled and was among the series of meetings ARF leaders were having
with political forces in Armenia ahead of the February presidential