Monte Melkonian: "Reality is Often Bitter"

Monte Melkonian: “Reality is Often Bitter”

01:36, November 25, 2012

Here are some excerpts of letters written by Monte Melkonian to his wife Seta.

In light of current issues in Armenia and Diaspora once again I ponder
about Monte’s timeless thoughts. Here are just a few…(S.M.)

`I wrote that I was very eager to talk with you in depth about our
people’s situation today. I said there were very many bitter and sad
realities we had to understand. Yes, hokis, reality is often bitter
but nevertheless it is reality we have to look it straight into the
face, live through it, and someday change it. Until we change it we
have to do many things we’d prefer not doing; we have to be
responsible and politically realistic. When we’re together I’ll
explain as best I can, and I’m sure you’ll understand. The fact is
that an enormous amount of people do very bad things- things that are
against our people’s true interests- without even knowing it. Many of
them are even convinced they’re doing something good and necessary.
This is the case not only with Tashnaks, but also with most Ramgavars
and Henchaks. That’s how it is that some of the nicest and most
patriotic people have led our Diaspora into this terrible situation
over 70 years. Without political clear mindedness the people with the
best intentions can do a lot of harm. In one of your letters years and
years ago you remarked that I was a very demanding (Õ – Õ½Õ¿Õ¡ÕºÕ¡Õ°Õ¡Õ¶Õ»)
person. Yes, at least in the patriotic issues I am because I take our
people, our homeland and our future very, very seriously. No one has
the right to not be a demanding person.

¦our Diaspora is in a terribly bad situation. Worse than we think at
first sight. Despite all this we must find a way to push forward. We
must create a hard working positive trend that will overcome the
difficulties one-by-one. It will be very hard, but we must do it.

My dear, while writing all of this, another subject has come to my
mind: that of emotions and serious work. You know I am really very
full of emotions- love for you, our people, our homeland, our family,
for all of mankind, for nature, for knowledge; and hatred for the
enemies of all the above. Believe me, my emotions are very intense.
But at the same time I realize, that to do anything constructive and
good I must control my emotions. This is not at all easy, and I don’t
always succeed. (In the special case of my love for you I don’t even
want to `control’ it [¦.] But you’re a very special case) However, as
far as possible I do try to control things since I know it is
absolutely necessary in any serious work. Sometimes it’s like torture
but we have to do it anyway. I have seen many Armenians (and not
Armenians) blinded by emotions which have led them into irrational
actions. We must learn to be intelligent, thinking logical human
beings. We must learn to control our emotions and if possible find
ways to use these emotions to reinforce our work, instead of
misguiding or confusing us. We must do this because we must take
ourselves seriously. Seta, you and I have an enormous amount to give
to each other. We also have a lot to give to our people (perhaps even
to other peoples) [¦.] Our life will be one big difficult, wonderful
whole. We must create.

19-20 November, 1988

From: A. Papazian

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