How to Preserve Clean the Touristic Zones in the Republic

How to Preserve Clean the Touristic Zones in the Republic

Saturday, 24 November 2012 13:34

The government should be definite in its decisions concerning this
issue because the situation in the mentioned zones is gradually
getting unbearable. This was mentioned about during the NKR Government
session, to be more precise, after Head of the Department of Tourism
and Historical Environment Preservation Sergey Shahverdyan presented
the account on the participation of the NKR delegation in the
International Tourism Shows that were recently held in Paris and in

Prime Minister Ara Haroutyunyan attached importance to the tourism
development and assigned the members of the government to pay a
greater attention to the mentioned sphere.
Among the agenda issues that of conservation of touristic zones as
well as the activities carried out in the tourists’ southern route and
the existent problems was discussed. Sergey Shahverdyan noted that
some bodies had failed to accomplish their work on this route and also
touched upon the urgent need of road restoration.

During the session the activities carried out in the area round the
tree Tnjri were discussed as well. The Prime Minister assigned to
complete the activities by June 1, 2013, and to restore the road to
the mentioned place.

There are some serious problems in the area called `Taq Jur’,
Shahoumyan region, where, according to the responsible officials, they
do not manage carry out sanitation activities. As the Prime Minister
assured a corresponding decision should be made in this concern.

The fact that the places of historical and cultural importance in our
Republic, except to a few of them, remind of trash dumps is not new to
us. Though certain organizations from time to time carry out
sanitation activities in the mentioned places, some visitors prefer
not to gather the litter after them which results in the creation of
such a situation in these zones.

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