Free Democrats rep. has zero chances of election pollster


Anush Sedrakyan of the Free Democrats party has zero chances of
election in case of running for presidency, says Aharon Adibekyan,
a sociologist.

The expert explains his position by the fact that the political force
backing the possible candidate has absolutely no potential on Armenia’s
political arena.

“She is not known, and there is almost no time for a publicity campaign
to reveal her image. That being the case, there is no clear evidence
about her personality. Besides, our society is not ready to elect a
female president,” he told

As for the Free Democrats leader, Khachatur Kokobelyan, the pollster
said he is discredited enough to have any chances at all.

“There’s absolutely no likelihood that a Free Democrats candidate will
win. They simply wish to be represented as an accomplished force on
the political arena,” he said.

Asked to comment why candidates with a little likelihood to win a
majority of votes appear on the arena ahead of each presidential
election, the expert said, “It seems to everybody that becoming a
president is an easy job, with writing a platform, paying a deposit
of 8 million Drams [approx. $20,000] and conducting a campaign being
all one needs. This is like a sport game that sees anyone in his age
group capable of becoming a champion but only the strongest competitor
being honored with the general prize,” he added.

Elaborating further on his position, the sociologist referred to
the United States presidential election in which only two of the 21
candidates were actually known to the public.

“The rest were not known and needn’t have run [for president] but
they did so for their own pleasure, resolving their own problems and
not wishing at all to become a president,” he said.