Istanbul-Armenians Support Protesting Jailed Kurds


Several Turkish Armenians have held a protest rally in Istanbul in
support of in support of the Kurdish immates holding a hunger-strike
in the country’s prisons.

The crowd, which gathered outside the editorial office of the
Turkish-Armenian weekly Agos (where the publication’s editor-in-chief,
Hrant Dink, was gunned down in 2007), urged for measures to halt the
deadly protest, reported.

Sayat Tekir, one of the protesters, said they want the hunger-strike
to stop as they consider the inmates’ demands absolutely justified.

“Especially receiving education in their native language is an
important demand. I think it is as vital as bread or water. We want
to bring an end to the military atmosphere and establish peace as
soon as possible,” he explained.

The Kurdish MPs joined their jailed compatriots’ protests on Wednesday,
expressing support to their hunger-strike.