USA urges diplomatic solution to operation of NK airport – V Nuland

USA urges to find diplomatic solution to operation of Nagorno Karabakh
airport – Victoria Nuland
10:26 – 03.11.12

The United States urges the parties to find a diplomatic solution to
issues relating to the operation of the airport in Nagorno Karabakh,
Victoria Nuland, US Department of State spokesperson said at a press

She said the parties should keep with the relevant international
agreements, customary international law, and the current practice
between Armenia and Azerbaijan with respect to civilian air travel

`The OSCE-Minsk group issued a statement on this. There was one on
April 14th, 2011. There was another one just this past July 2012,
which represented the views of the United States, France, and Russia
in calling for a diplomatic solution. So I would urge you to take a
look at that,’ she said.

`We also, in those statements, reiterated that the operation of this
airport should not be used to support any claim of change in the
status of Nagorno-Karabakh,’ she concluded.

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