`2500 AMD Are No Money,’ About Increasing the Minimum Wage (Video)

`2500 AMD Are No Money,’ About Increasing the Minimum Wage (Video)

October 26, 2012 17:43

Yesterday the legislative proposal of the Cabinet, according to which
starting from January 1, 2013, the minimum wage in Armenia will be 35
thousand AMD a month instead of the existing 32500 AMD, passed first
reading. Thus, the bill on amendments to the Minimum Monthly Wage Act
was approved. carried out a small survey among some
citizens of the Republic of Armenia to find out whether they were
pleased with the fact that the Cabinet was going to increase the
minimum wage by 2500 AMD. The majority of citizens who talked to us
complained, since according to them, that small increase didn’t
correspond to the increase in prices.

We present the opinions of citizens without editing. One of them
expressed the following idea, `They have increased the wage, but how
much have the prices of goods increased? If the Cabinet members are
paid that wage, will they live on that?’

Another citizen noted, `2500 AMD is a small sum, it is less than one
spends in one day. It will not help the people in any way.’

Some citizens said that the increase wouldn’t affect them, since they
were not government workers.

One of our interlocutors said, `I am not pleased, the Cabinet should
have increased the wage more. If an MP can live on 40 thousand, then I
am satisfied. Or, if an MP is paid 600.000 AMD and it is not enough
for him and he starts a business, how can a pensioner or someone who
lives on the minimum wage live?’

Another citizen said, `I don’t know anything about the wage. I don’t
know how much people get, but the increase in prices affects us. 2500
AMD are no money, it is the cost of a pack of cigarettes, a lighter.
They should have increased by at least 30-40 thousand….’

One of citizens said the following, `Certainly, that increase is not
enough. The people are not in a good condition as it is to live on
that sum? No matter how much they increase, it will not satisfy the
needs of people, particularly the youth. And if we compare ourselves
with other countries, the wage should correspond to the other
countries’ one too. I certainly work, but I will retire and what
pension will I get…?’



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