Prostitution statistics in Armenia

Prostitution statistics in Armenia
October 20, 2012 | 13:15

YEREVAN. – There are 240 officially registered prostitutes in Armenia.
This number was 217 last year, and 257 in the year before that, Police
Senior Inspector Ara Srapyan informed during a press conference on

He noted that there are three types of prostitutes in Armenia. Those
who work the streets; those – including foreigners – who work in bars and
night clubs; and the `elite’ prostitutes.

In Srapyan’s words, the number of prostitutes in Armenia has remained
virtually the same, and there are no minors among them. The majority
of the prostitutes who are registered at the Police are divorced; some
have kids as well. Also, there are married prostitutes whose husbands
usually push them into prostitution to make money.

According to Ara Srapyan, prostitution is a risky occupation, and 160
prostitutes – who were taken to police stations this year – were suffering
from a variety of illnesses.

When the officers of the law detain prostitutes, they merely fine them
because prostitution is considered solely an administrative
misdemeanor in Armenia.

Srapyan informed that the `ordinary’ prostitutes’ `services’ in
Armenia start from AMD 1,000-2,000 and reach all the way to AMD
20,000 – in line with the current exchange rate, US$ 1 is equivalent to
approximately AMD 406. The `elite’ prostitutes, on the other hand,
usually charge $500-$1,000.

As per Srapyan, Armenia’s police also carry out prophylactic
activities with prostitutes, they conduct explanatory work with them,
try to prevent them from resorting to this step, and even help them in
finding jobs.

The Police senior inspector noted that there is a global trend to
legalize prostitution, but this will not be the case in Armenia
because prostitution is a national security matter in the country.
`They are those women and girls who need to discipline children, raise
a nation,’ Ara Srapyan said.

He added that there are two prevalent views in Armenia with respect to
prostitution. Some believe it is a societal phenomenon while others
think it is an anthropological occurrence. But in Srapyan’s view,
prostitution is a coexistence of both phenomena.

Ara Srapyan informed that there are male prostitutes in Armenia as well.

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