Waiting For Empty Armenia

Naira Hayrumyan

Story from Lragir.am News:

Published: 13:32:46 – 10/10/2012

“Our economy is growing, while theirs is actually paralyzed. Our
population is increasing, while they are facing a demographic
catastrophe, there is zero natural growth and mass emigration.

According to their official statistics only, in the first half of the
year about 70-80 thousand people left the country,” said Ilham Aliyev
comparing Azerbaijan with Armenia. He also added that Azerbaijan
will certainly get Karabakh back but refrained from militaristic
statements. He called on his people to wait until Armenia is totally
empty and Azerbaijan will take not only Karabakh but entire Armenia.

Demography is an important geopolitical factor. Western progressive
technologies, industrial, military, as well as social and political,
cannot win where their rival is the demography. Despite the fact that
it is common to speak more about the clash of the Western progress and
the eastern traditionalism, in reality the barrier is the demography.

Demography will increasinly lead the Armenian people to complete loss
of not only sovereignty but also the nation state. Russia’s ambassador
Vyacheslav Kovalenko does not hide that his country takes away from
Armenia over 5 thousand people annually, plus those of approximately
the same number who win the Green Card and leave for the United
States. He says that Armenians are not forced to leave for Russia,
which is true, but it is also true that Russia and the U.S., as well
as Turkey and Azerbaijan, do everything to reduce Armenian population.

Serzh Sargsyan calls on the world to undertake steps against
Azerbaijan, which, as he says, is preparing for a war. In reality,
Azerbaijan is getting ready to absorb the Armenian territories after
the demographic situation in Armenia will have reached its pick.

The government which not only does not try to stop emigration but
also stimulates it should be accused of high treason. It deprives us
of the key weapon in the world – the demographic weapon. Even if we,
by some miracle, acquire progressive technological weapons, we will be
unable to survive without demography because we need to cope with the
financial and technological expansion of the West, the weakening of
our sovereignty by the North and the threat of demographic expansion
of the South and the East.

The parliament and the government of Armenia should call an
extraordinary session on the demographic issue. In addition, they
should view in the same context the natural and mechanical reduction.

It is necessary to adopt complex measures to stop emigration and
boost birth rate.

This thesis should be the basis of the programs of presidential
nominees because the demographic issue can’t be ignored any more.

Armenia with a population of one million will have to forget about
the nation state. Little time is left for this scenario to come true.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress


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