"Police Did Not Fire Even A Shot Into Air"


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Aram Melikyan is one of the victims of the September 9 incident in
Bambakashat, Armavir marz (province). During a talk with A1+, Aram
said that he was beaten up by “the son of MAP’s Alik and his gang,
they came in a Jeep, then the village head and joined them”.

MAP’s Alik is the deputy of the National Assembly, member of the
Republican Party of Armenia (HHK) Alik Petrosyan. Makar Petrosyan
is his son. After beating Aram, Makar Petrosyan left a message for
Aram’s father: “Makarik came. Tell your father that we will kill him
wherever we will see him”.

Hovhannes Melikyan is Aram’s father whom, according to Aram, Makar
Petrosyan has threatened to kill. His brother is running for the post
of village head, along with the incumbent head of the village. He
was the next victim to be beaten up in the polling station at the
elections of the council of elders.

Our interlocutors said that Arman Sargsyan, who stood proxy for a
candidate in the elections of the council of elders, was also beaten
in the presence of four policemen and all members of the district
election commission.

In the words of proxy Arman Sargsyan, the assaulters were led by
deputy head of the village Spartak Yeghikyan. Arman Sargsyan was being
beaten for 10 minutes in the presence of policemen. His left arm was
injured. “Policemen did not fire even a shot into the air. I suspect
that the policemen also hit me”.

A1+ was informed by the police that neither Makar Petrosyan nor the
head of the village of Babmakashat and his deputy have been detained.

By the way, the day after the incident occurred, the police issued
an official report, according to which two persons were detained in
connection with the third violence.

It should be reminded that Director General of MAP CJSC Makar Petrosyan
denied his involvement in the incident in Bambakashat community,
Armavir marz

“I am director of MAP Company and I concern myself only with its
activities so I have no time to participate in political processes.

Besides, my upbringing does not allow me to raise my hand against a
person. I can qualify the reports in yesterday’s press as mere libel,”
he commented.


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