Security Of Azerbaijani Embassy In Budapest Tightened


Mon 03 September

The Hungarian side has tightened the security of the Azerbaijani
embassy in Budapest over possible demarches of the Azerbaijani diaspora
due to extradition of Azerbaijani officer R.Safarov to Baku and his
further pardoning at home.

“The attention to the embassy has intensified, they feel possibility
of some excesses. I believe that are no great problems, everything
is under control”, Azerbaijani ambassador to Hungary Vilayat Guliyev
told ANS television company.

According to the diplomat, the note of protest over pardoning Safarov
by the head of the Azerbaijani state presented by the Hungarian
Foreign Ministry to Azerbaijan is not something extraordinary and
this fact should be accepted calmly.

In general, the story with Safarov can be viewed close, Guliyev said,
despite the resentment of the Armenian side over the extradition
and release of the Azerbaijani officer. “I think that this issue is
already closed. Let Armenians say, write and shout as much as they
want”, Guliyev said. “This page is closed and we are getting back to
everyday routine”.

From: Baghdasarian

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