Hraparak: Aliyev’s Cynicism To Have Heavy Price For South Caucasus


The Aliyev-style cynicism will have a heavy price for the Azerbaijani
nation and the South Caucasus, the paper says, commenting on the
decision to pardon the notorious Azerbaijani serviceman who was
sentenced for life in Hungary for hacking an Armenian to death.

The editor of the paper says the decision will protract the peace
efforts between Armenia and Azerbaijan for minimum ten years.

“The Armenian society was stormed yesterday, with some voicing
abusive remarks against the Hungarian government and yet a group
of others cursing the Armenian authorities. What ‘impresses’ me
personally is the mentality and conduct of the Azerbaijani state,
its government and society. There’s one conclusion to be drawn: the
Aliyev regime is more dangerous, obscene and shameless than could be
ever thought. They do not even care of the international norms and
principles or the world community. The Azerbaijani news agency Turan
said yesterday that the decree to pardon Ramil Safarov was signed
in breach of the Constitution and the laws, and would negatively
affect Azerbaijan’s international reputation. As early as yesterday,
President Serzh Sargsyan called a Security Council session to respond
to the accomplished fact, voicing the Armenian society’s storming
emotions in a speech that didn’t sound quite presidential. [He] said
the authorities are taking steps, with our diplomatic missions having
been given instructions and the continuation of the diplomatic ties
with Hungary being under discussion. One thing is known definitely:
Safarov’s extradition was not something to be carried out just within
one day. Its pre-arrangement lasted whole year, while our authorities,
with their diplomatic missions, were in the dark about the plot in
all that period,” reads the article.

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