Armenia’s inflation rate gets more active – newspaper

Armenia’s inflation rate gets more active – newspaper

September 01, 2012 | 08:52

YEREVAN. – This year’s increase in the volume of production of
agricultural products has significantly reduced the inflation being
formed in Armenia, Hayots Ashkharh daily reports.

`Due primarily to the developments dictated by domestic economy, the
inflation has returned to the allowable limit of fluctuations. But it
is inclined to strengthen gradually.

It is not a coincidence that in the case when inflation was
fluctuating in the limits of 0.7 percent in June, it already reached
2.3 percent in July, and the twelve-month inflation in Armenia
constituted 2.5 percent in August.

It is predicted that the inflation trends will gain strength in the
coming months, too, [and] conditioned, first and foremost, on the
developments dictated by the external environment,’ Hayots Ashkharh

From: Baghdasarian

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