Armenia: 60 Million Euros Of New Commission Funding For Judicial Ref


ENPI Info Centre

Aug 28 2012

The European Commission has adopted an Annual Action Programme
providing [email protected] million of bilateral funding for Armenia in the
framework of the Eastern Partnership. The assistance comes through
the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI).

A press release issued today said the aim was to speed up justice
reform and prepare the ground for increased bilateral relations,
political association and economic integration with the EU.

The new assistance will include: new training opportunities for key
national institutions, providing expert advice and best practice,
setting up of schools for lawyers, judges and prosecutors. The overall
goal is to have an independent, transparent and effective judiciary
to serve the Armenian people.

The funding will also support those Armenian institutions involved in
the preparation and future implementation of new EU-Armenia agreements
currently being negotiated, and in particular the Association Agreement
(including a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area), and the Visa
Facilitation and Re-admission Agreement.

The programme is made up of three parts:

Support for justice reform in Armenia – Phase II, to contribute to
the development of a more independent, transparent, accountable,
accessible and efficient judicial system, in line with the national
strategies of justice reforms. It follows and builds on the results
of the current EU support programmes in the sector.

Support for the EU-Armenia Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area
(DCFTA) to ensure that Armenia takes all the necessary measures to
maximise the benefits of substantial new trade opportunities under
the DCFTA, and that these benefits are enjoyed by citizens.

Support for EU-Armenia Agreements to enhance the overall technical
and coordination capacity of a number of core institutions that are
important in preparing and later on implementing the Association
Agreement, the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area and Visa
Facilitation/Readmission Agreement. (EU Neighbourhood Info)

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