ANTELIAS: HH Aram I sent condolences to the Holy Synod of the Ethiop

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The funeral of His Holiness Abuna Paulos, Patraiarch of the Ethiopian
Orthodox church, who died a few days ago, will be held today, August 23 at
St. Trinity Cathedral in Addis Abeba, in the presence of church leaders,
foreign dignitaries and government officials. His Eminence Arch. Gomidas
Ohanian will represent His Holiness Catholicos Aram I and the Holy See of
Cilicia at the funeral.

Hereunder the text of the letter of condolences of His Holiness Aram I:

To the Holy Synod of the sister Ethiopian Orthodox Church
Addis Abeba

It is with profound sorrow that we have learned of the passing away of His
Holiness Abuna Paulos, the Patriarch of the sister Ethiopian Orthodox
Church. Even before our election as heads of our respective Churches, His
Holiness Abuna Paulos and I had a close collaborative relationship.

His Holiness opened a new page in the modern history of the Ethiopian
Orthodox Church: he constructed new churches and formed a new generation of
clergy; he instituted a number of church-related projects in the area of
develop – ment; he promoted the churches’ social diakonia and reactivated its
evangelical mission and pastoral outreach; he gave a new impetus to the
ecumenical en – gagement of the church and strengthened inter-Oriental
Orthodox unity.

Within the context of our inter-Oriental Orthodox relations, His Holiness
wished to organize a second meeting of the heads of the Oriental Orthodox
Churches in Addis Abeba, in consultation with the leaderships of our family.
We personally supported this initiative. We also organized a meeting between
His Holiness Abuna Paulos and His Holiness Shenouda III, the Pope of
Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark, after a period of stagnated
relations be – tween the two sister churches. Furthermore, we encouraged His
Holiness to take more active part in the ecumenical movement.

Our close collaboration led us to meet frequently in Addis Abeba and in the
headquarters of the Armenian Church’s Holy See of Cilicia, in Antelias,
Lebanon. The goal of His Holiness was to reinvigorate the evangelical
mission and ecu – menical witness of his church and re-affirm its role in a
new world context.

The late Patriarch Abuna Paulos became a strong voice of Africa in
Christendom, defending the rights of the African people, exposing their
concerns and expectations, and advocating for the unity of this great

The passing away of His Holiness is, therefore, a great loss for his Church,
for the Oriental Orthodox family, the ecumenical movement and Africa.
On this sad occasion, We would like to offer our deepest condolences to the
Holy Synod of the sister Ethiopian Orthodox Church, to the faithful, to the
gov – ernment and to the people of Ethiopia.

We pray to the Almighty God to accept the soul of His Holiness Abuna Paulos
in His heavenly kingdom. May God bless you all.



21 August 2012
Antelias, Lebanon

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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