Jacksonville Armenians Constructing New Parish Church, Young Members


8 August, 2012

YEREVAN, AUGUST 8, ARMENPRESS: The community here has grown to the
point that, last year, our mission parish purchased a new property,
which will serve as the epicenter of the Armenian-American community of
Jacksonville, reports Armenpress citing the office of Armenian-American
community of Jacksonville.

The new parish location will play an important role in the development
of our community. It will be a place where local Armenians will be able
to come together for worship, celebrations, and cultural and social
events. This will enable the dream of Armenians living in northern
Florida to manage their own institution, plan for bible studies,
Sunday school and more, to become reality. The Jacksonville community
has been working together to reform the building, as construction
work takes place every Sunday with the help of dedicated community
leaders. While church construction is in progress, the Armenian
community of Jacksonville, Florida gathers each month for the monthly
“Badarag,” or Divine Liturgy. The women’s choir is performing with
the participation of Janna Mosinyan, Elen Mosinyan, Olivia Arslanian,
Silva Baboyan, and male members Rafael Grigoryan, Aleksandr Shafiyev,
Nicolas Yedigarov and Erik Mirzoyev are all active participants of
the service as well.

This summer has been especially productive for the young members of
our community. Aleksandr Shafiyev recently represented the Armenian
Community of Jacksonville on his pilgrimage to the Holly Land.

Shafiyev was excited to discover that out of all the Christian nations,
Armenians are one of two that have a special quarter in Jerusalem to
practice their religion. “Now, that I have had an up-close experience
of the Armenian traditions, I am eager to go back to my roots,”
said Shafiyev. Hearing an Armenian who has never been to Armenia talk
about his heritage with such a great pride is a delightful feeling. On
July 11, 2012, The Eastern Diocese announced the recipients of the
Diocesan Academic Scholarship for 2012-13. The Armenian community
of Jacksonville is proud to announce that two of our students,
Rafael Gregoryan and Erik Mirzoyev, have earned the scholarship by
committing tremendous time and dedication to our community. Since 2008,
I have been an active member of the Armenian-American community of
Jacksonville, and it is evident that our local parish has been crucial
for the success and development of young Armenians here. As an Armenian
who arrived to United States only four years ago, I have found a little
Armenia, here in north Florida, thousands of miles away from home.

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