The Armenian Community Won’t Disappear


Story from News:

Published: 15:18:05 – 06/08/2012

There will be no mass departure of Armenian Syrians. The Armenian
community of Syria won’t share the destiny of the Armenian community
of Iraq, said the head of the ARF Bureau Office of Political Affairs
Kiro Manoyan. According to him, the Armenian community of Syria is
larger than the community of Iraq, so emigration from Syria will not
cause disappearance of the community. He reminded that the Armenian
community of Syria is very old. There is even a 700-800-year-old
Armenian church in Aleppo.

Kiro Manoyan noted that they do not have information that the Armenians
are ready to leave Syria. Such statements, according to him, cause
even more harm because they cause a panic.

According to him, the government of Armenia and the society need to do
some work to provide necessary conditions for those Armenian Syrians
who want to come to Armenia. Manoyan says the Ministry of Diaspora
told them Armenian businessmen said ready to employ 500 people,
while all those who return to Armenia find none.

Kiro Manoyan said military intervention is almost unlikely in Syria.

In answer to the question whether Assad will leave or not, Manoyan
says no one can say how this issue will be resolved.

According to Manoyan, there are three possible scenarios. The regime
will stay, it will be changed, or a different government will be
formed after some period of anarchy. But he says no one can say which
of these scenarios is more realistic.

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