Member Of Knesset. "At Least We Will Reach Armenian Genocide Recogni



Aug 6 2012

Zahava Gal-On is an Israeli politician, member of Knesset. She is the
leader of Meretz political party and the initiator of the discussions
on Armenian Genocide issue in Israel’s Knesset.

– Ms. Gal-On, what’s the main reason why the Genocide issue was
brought to the Knesset at this time?

– Meretz has been commemorating the Armenian Genocide each year
around the time of the Genocide Remembrance Day. This is the reason
the issue was brought to the Knesset at this time.

– Some people think that Israel tries to obtain some political
concessions in exchange from Armenia for recognition of the Genocide?

How would you comment to such kind of announcements?

– These concerns are most likely unfounded. The government is not
involved in the measures we take to promote the recognition of the
Genocide. Meretz is an opposition party that has brought this issue
forth despite constant efforts by the government to prevent an open
discussion. I hardly believe that this sort of attitude could be used
by our government as reason to demand any concessions from Armenia.

– Which are the future steps on the way, which will result the official
recognition of Armenian Genocide by Israel’s Knesset?

– I believe that official recognition could only come from a government
decision that will be brought to the Knesset’s approval, but this
seems like a distant hope at the moment. Until then, we will continue
bringing the issue for discussion in the Knesset and at least will
reach Armenian Genocide recognition in practice by having it voted
on in the plenum.

– During the discussion in Knesset you have announced that “…we
don’t need to choose between recognizing genocide and relations with
Turkey. We can have both…” Anyway, have you received any concerns
from Turkey?

– No, I did not receive any messages from Turkey. I have also not
heard of any backlash towards the Israeli diplomatic service.

– Ms. Gal-On, what means the recognition of Armenian Genocide for
you personally?

-For me it signifies the importance of respect for human lives
everywhere and at any time in history. Too many times have nations
chosen to ignore and not intervene when other communities were
subject to mass murders and abuse. We as Jews have gone through the
most terrible of ethnic genocides during the Holocaust while other
nations stood silent, and therefore we have the greatest responsibility
to recognize and stand against such crimes when they are committed
against other nations and then silenced, even if those events took
place a century ago.

Narine Daneghyan talked to Zahava Gal-On for Mediamax

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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