No norms of ethics observed in Armenian society – expert

No norms of ethics observed in Armenian society – expert
14:46 – 30.06.12

The Armenian society pays absolutely no heed to the norms of ethics,
according to Karen Kocharyan, a political engineer.

At a news conference on Saturday, the expert expressed his concerns
over the tragic incident at the Harsnaqar restaurant, noting that the
norms ethics are not observed even by children.

`The laws of the jungle prevail over us today, with the society having
turned into a Mowgli. I am very happy that chess was introduced to
[secondary] schools but it is also important to teach ethics,’ he

Three military doctors from the Yerevan Garrison Hospital were beaten
severely by security guards of Harsnaqar about a fortnight ago. One of
them, Major Vahe Avetyan, was hospitalized with serious skull
injuries. Remaining unconscious at the hospital’s Intensive Care
Department after a surgery, he died on Friday evening.

Addressing the incident, Kocharyan said that the officials’ habit of
hiring a bodyguard to protect themselves from people who elected them
is a little bit strange.

According to him, the society has developed a kind of indifference to
what is happening around.

Harsnaqar restaurant belongs to Republican Party lawmaker Ruben
Hayrapetyan, the president of the Football Federation of Armenia. The
media reported earlier today that one of the men involved in the
scuffle is Hayrapetyan’s personal bodyguard.

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