Businessman MP declines to comment on restaurant incident

Businessman MP declines to comment on restaurant incident
18:54 – 30.06.12

The owner of Harsnaqar resaurant, Ruben Hayrapetyan, who represents
the ruling Republican Party faction in Armenia’s National Assembly,
has declined to comment on the deadly incident in his establishment.

A major scuffle with the security guards of Harsnaqar earlier this
month left three military doctors seriously injured. One of them, Vahe
Avetyan, was hospitalized with skull injuries. After remaining
unconscious for about a fortnight, he died on Friday evening.

`Do you want me to say that the culprits will be punished? They
certainly will. But what’s the use of that? Will we return Vahe? Of
course, not. What am I to tell his family? You have no idea of my
sufferings,’ the businessman politician said, when contacted by for an interview.

The newspapers said earlier today that one of the men involved in the
scuffle is Hayrapetyan’s personal bodyguard.