Azerbaijani Militant Stance Is A Real Threat To Regional Security: E


21 June, 2012

YEREVAN, JUNE 21, ARMENPRESS: United Nations conference on sustainable
development kicked off in Rio de Janeiro on June 20. Armenpress was
informed from Media, information and public relations department of
Armenian Foreign affairs ministry that high-ranked delegations from
192 countries take part in the conference as well as Secretary General
of UN Ban Ki-moon, heads of many international organizations. Foreign
affairs minister of Armenia Edward Nalbandian had a speech at the
conference. At his speech he reverberated to the steps implemented
by Armenia in the spheres of sustainable development and nature
protection, factors which hinder the regional development, particularly
about the blockade which is implemented with violence of international
law. Minister Nalbandian mentioned that Armenia was included in
the conference in 1992 and during 20 years after it made efforts to
implement his responsibilities which come from the declaration of
the first conference. In 2002 Armenian Government founded National
Council of Sustainable Development and than Coordinating Council
of Sustainable Development Program. In 2011 National Coordinating
Committee was created to prepare the participation of Armenia in this
conference. Today Armenia takes part in 22 declarations and protocols
about nature protection and cooperates actively with corresponding
international organizations. In the framework of this conference
on June 15 in Rio de Janeiro Armenia with several international
organizations and leading universities organized discussions
dedicated to the methodology of counting the index of sustainable
development which had been rather productive. “An important part of
Millennium Declaration is dedicated to the mutual relationship of
security and stability. The Governments have committed to do their
best to save the nations from war. In this context the provoking
arms race is dangerous not only for peace and security but also for
sustainable development. Unfortunately our region is not fee from that
danger. Today we are the witnesses of the unprecedented increase of
military budget of neighbor Azerbaijan. The military stance of that
country is a real danger for the regional security, stability and
development” highlighted the Foreign affairs minister of Armenia.

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