Armenia Needs Radical Development: Prime Minister Of Armenia


20 June, 2012

YEREVAN, JUNE 20, ARMENPRESS: Armenia’s government distinctly realizes
that there are a number of issues in the country, said Prime Minister
of Armenia Tigran Sargsyan while presenting the government program at
the National Assembly, Armenpress reports. “We have always been open
and transparent, have accepted the sound criticism, and we ourselves
have revealed many issues,” stressed the head of the government. He
underlined that we lack high quality working places, emigration and
poverty remain issues needing urgent solution. As the next primary
issue Tigran Sargsyan noted that we have not yet managed to get rid
of the corruption completely, to create equal competitive conditions
for enterprises. Abuse of the dominant position in economy is still a
phenomenon of frequent occurrence. Society’s trust toward the judicial
system is low. “Government’s program has a goal to solve these issues.

In these conditions we need a radical development. A development,
the main guarantee of which will be relying on the own forces and
mobilization of domestic resources,” said the Prime Minister. He also
stressed that from these very issues stem the 3 main priorities of
the government -competitiveness increase of the economy, development
of the human capital and development of the institutional capacities.

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