Baku: Azerbaijan’s Vice Premier: We Expect Russia To Put An End To G


Azerbaijan Business Center
June 18 2012

Baku, Fineko/ The key for settlement of Armenian-Azerbaijani
conflict over Nagorno Garabagh conflict is in the hands of Russia,
Baku believes.

Deputy Prime Minister Ali Hasanov has stated that Russia should define
its position on the conflict settlement.

“Today, the territory of Armenia to date has no significance for
Russia. Perhaps, once for the Tsarist Russia and the Soviet Union,
Armenia played a kind of role, but today Azerbaijan is a hundred
times more important in the strategic plan for Russia than Armenia.

Recently, the Ministry of National Security of Azerbaijan made a
film based on archival documents, in which the archival record shows
Hitler’s appeal to Himmler that the Armenian intelligence is the most
reliable for Germany. This suggests that most of the losses during the
World War II were incurred through the fault of the Armenian spies,”
he emphasized.

According to Hasanov, today no one needs Armenia that has no democratic
progress, does not adhere to democratic principles and human rights,
has no natural resources, has lost geographical environment and is
a country isolated from the world.

“So we expect from Russian President Vladimir Putin to determine his
country’s position in solving this problem as its settlement is in
the hands of Russia, as it was once noted by Heydar Aliyev during the
visit of Vladimir Putin to Azerbaijan. We hope Russia, with taking
into account the position of Azerbaijan in the region, integration,
and influence of our country in the international community, will put
an end to this conflict, and our citizens will be able to return to
their native land,” he said.

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