Pro-Armenian congressman supports Dream Act

Pro-Armenian congressman supports Dream Act
June 16, 2012 | 18:35

California congressman Adam Schiff supported the Dream Act bill, which
allows illegal migrants having come to the United States as minors to
stay in the country.

According to Schiff, the bill will allow children, whose parents
brought them illegally to the States to enter colleges, Glendale

To note, Schiff regularly raises issues on the Armenian Genocide, U.S.
assistance to Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh, re-establishment of
historical justice regarding the 1915 events in the Ottoman Empire, as
well as criticizes denial by Turkish policy.

As Armenian earlier informed, the bill was also supported
by the U.S. President Barack Obama. According to the data, over
800,000 young people, who were brought to the States illegally may
avoid deportation and be granted a right to work.

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