Moscow Intimidates Armenia And Azerbaijan W. Military Flights Over D


National Turk

June 11 2012

Russia shows more presence with training flights over Armenia,
after deadly clashes occurred between Armenia and Azerbaijan over
Nagorno-Karabakh dispute last week.

Baku / NationalTurk – Deadly clashes occurred between Azerbaijan
and Armenia last week only a few days later Russian fighter planes
conduct training flights over Armenian territory in an increasing
number to intimidate.

A Russian military spokesman, Col. Igor Gorbul stated that Russian
fighter jets stationed at a base in Armenia have conducted about 300
training flights since the beginning of 2012, and have increased the
number of flying hours by more than 20 % from 2011.

Violence has flared recently along the border between Armenia and
Azerbaijan, which have been at war over the disputed territory of
Nagorno-Karabakh, an Armenian-controlled enclave inside Azerbaijan,
for more than 20 years. At least eight soldiers, five Azerbaijanis
and three Armenians, were killed in clashes along the border last week.

Armenia and Azerbaijan : Nagorno Karabakh dispute that never ends

This is seen as sending a clear warning that Russia could intervene
at any moment should violence escalate further in the territorial
dispute between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the NYT article states.

Col. Gorbul said Russian fighter pilots were preparing for combat.

‘The main emphasis in performing aerobatic elements is made on the
ability to apply them in real-life air combat conditions,’ he said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry last week stated it regarded the border
clashes between Armenia and Azarbaijan as ‘ unacceptable ‘ and would
maintain all efforts to try to broker a peaceful settlement between
two eternal enemies. Russia, along with France, the United States and
other countries, has repeatedly urged a peaceful settlement to the
Karabakh dispute between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Russia maintains a
military base in Armenia and regularly sells weapons to Armenia. Both
Armenia and Azerbaijan are former states of USSR.

Russian interest over Armenia and Azerbaijan Karabakh conflict followed
by swift Us warning

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton last week warned of possible
disastrous consequences after deadly violence between Azarbaijan and
Armenia ignited over Karabakh.

Azerbaijan, which currently holds a seat on the United Nations Security
Council, issued a statement. Azerbaijan was also appealing to the
United Nations for help in hopes that international mediators could
help reach a settlement over Nagorno Karabakh Conflict until the end
of 2012.