Expert: Azerbaijan Strives For Escalation Of Tension Not For War


Wednesday, June 6, 17:57

Throughout the negation process between Armenia and Azerbaijan Baku
has been trying to present maintenance of peace as service to Armenia
and the world community. However, Azerbaijan is striving for tension
not for war, says military expert David Jamalyan. He told media on
Wednesday that war is not within interests of super powers and the
world community will come out with sharper statements if the threat
of war becomes real.

“We must take the ceasefire regime more realistically and not fall
into panic. Our target is subversives and the soldiers who fire at
our positions and not the peaceful population. The tougher are our
retaliatory actions the better. Sabotage and provocations by the
enemy will be continued and we must be on alert,” Jamalyan said.

He thinks that death of the three Armenian soldiers should not be
taken in stride. The Armenian party must do a proper rebuff to calm
down the enemy and not just to make revenge. The Azerbaijan public,
in turn, should understand that the senseless sabotages organized by
Aliyev’s regime take the lives of their sons, Jamalyan said.

To recall, as a result of the sabotage action by the Azerbaijani
armed forces on June 4 in the Armenian village of Chinary 3 Armenians
soldiers were killed and another 2 were wounded.

From: A. Papazian

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