International Community Reacts Very Softly To Azerbaijani Provocatio

June 04, 2012 | 12:09

YEREVAN. – Azerbaijan uses the diversion operations at the
Armenian-Azerbaijani border as a military diplomacy for a long time,
Armenian Center for National and International Studies Director Manvel
Sargsyan told Armenian, commenting on the recent such
operation, which claimed the lives of three Armenian soldiers and
wounded six others.

“Azerbaijan is attempting to create situations and raise issues
before the international community. It continues its diplomatic
line of resolving the [Karabakh] issue in its favor by way of the
international community,” Sargsyan said.

In his words, the international community reacts very softly to
such conduct by Azerbaijan, and, what is more, some international
community representatives themselves contribute to this, perceiving
it as a lever for applying pressure on Armenia.

“Armenia must adopt a stance which would make these operations work
against Azerbaijan. The approach which Armenia has adopted[, that is,]
solely retaliatory operations, somewhat contributes to such steps,”
concluded Manvel Sargsyan.

As Armenian informed earlier, the MOD issued a statement
and noted that on Monday and according to preliminary data, the
Azerbaijani side yet again violated the ceasefire at the line of
contact between the Armenian-Azerbaijani border, and this time in
the northeastern sector. It attempted to infiltrate to the Armenian
military bases stationed in the direction of Berdavan and Chinari
villages of the Tavush Region.

As a result of the taken measures and the Armenian military
servicemen’s courageous operations, however, the diversion advancement
was stopped, and the adversary was driven back, giving casualties.

But because of the Azerbaijani operation, Armenian military servicemen
Mushegh Nurbekyan, Zohrab Balabekyan, and Karen Davtyan were killed.

There are wounded, too.

An investigation is launched.

To note, US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton is commencing her tour
to the region on Monday.

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