Azerbaijan may levy war against Turkmenistan, expert says

Azerbaijan may levy war against Turkmenistan, expert says
15:53 – 26.05.12

Azerbaijan is likely to levy a war against Turkmenistan, military
expert Artsrun Hovhannissyan stated at a news conference on May 26.

Azerbaijan is in conflicts with almost all its neighbors, but the
issue is more serious in case of Turkmenistan. According to the
expert, Azerbaijan has a problem of `sharing oil’ with that country
while the oil is the only source of nourishment for Azerbaijan.

`No matter how they will try to cover the problem over Turkmenistan,
it may have serious developments,’ the expert said. According to him,
except the neighboring Russia, Azerbaijan may levy war against Georgia
and Iran but this possible military clash greatly depends on the West
and Russia. `These two powers may force Azerbaijan negotiate the issue
rather than undertake military actions,’ he said.

The expert also stressed the importance of ensuring right coverage of
relations between Azerbaijan and its neighbors. `It is necessary to
stress that Azerbaijan does not just have problems with neighbors but
it is engaged in conflicts,’ he said, stressing that the Artsakh issue
should not be separated from all the other issues.

`We must manage to show that there is no Artsakh issue as a such.
Turks have issues with all,’ Hovhannissyan stressed.

According to the expert, Azerbaijan is to blame for having tense
relations with neighboring states as it is the country that has
created the problems on its own.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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