Rhode Island Celebrates Liberation of Shushi

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May 22, 2012

Community and Dignitaries Join the Celebrations

Providence, RI – On May 20, 2012, The Armenian Community of the State of
Rhode Island organized a special reception to celebrate the 20th anniversary
of the liberation of Shushi. Open-air reception and a concert were organized
by the Armenian Revolutionary Federation’s Eastern U.S. Central Committee,
the Armenian Cultural Association of Rhode Island and the Saints Vartanantz
Armenian Church of Providence. US Congressman David Cicilline (D-RI), Mayors
of Providence, Warwick and Cranston also attended the celebrations, and
offered their remarks to congratulate the people of Artsakh with the Triple

“We will support Karabakh economically, legislatively, and diplomatically to
ensure that it prospers”, said Dikran Kaligian, member of the ARF Eastern
Region’s Central Committee.

Addressing the gathering, Representative of Artsakh Robert Avetisyan talked
about the importance of the 1992 victory, and expressed hope for future
significant achievements. Avetisyan thanked the vibrant Armenian community
of Rhode Island for their continued involvement and support of Artsakh’s
aspirations to continue developing as a free and sovereign country.

On May 17, Rhode Island’s House of Representatives adopted a resolution
supporting independence of Artsakh, and calling upon the U.S. government to
recognize the sovereign NKR.

During the Artsakh Liberation War, on May 8-9, 1992 Artsakh self-defense
forces launched a military operation intended to lift the siege of
Stepanakert and end Azerbaijani bombardments of Karabakh’s capital. Shushi,
a historically Armenian town by then cleared of all its Armenian population,
became Azerbaijan’s military stronghold. After twenty-four hours of heavy
fighting, Artsakh forces liberated the town, and moved further to break the
blockade and open a corridor to Armenia. The corridor, which became known as
“Road of Life,” allowed for key supplies to enter Artsakh and make its
long-term defense possible.

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From: A. Papazian