Expert: Israeli Weapons Not To Be Used Against Nagornyy Karabakh


Wednesday, March 14, 19:59

The great amount of weapons recently bought by Azerbaijan from Israel
will not be used against Nagornyy Karabakh. The type of weapons,
the great majority of which are ballistic missilery and anti-missile
mounts, is evidence of that, deputy director of the Caucasus Institute,
Sergey Minasyan, said at today’s press-conference.

On 26 February the Israeli Aerospace Industries corporation and
Azerbaijani Defense Ministry signed an agreement on delivery of weapon
for $1,6 bln.

“Another constraining factor is that Baku is afraid of Moscow, as
it is not ruled out that in case of the anti-Armenian aggression
of Azerbaijan the Kremlin will decide to act the way as it acted
regarding Georgia in 2008”, – Minasyan said.

As for the situation around Iran, he said that Azerbaijan as well
as Armenia will not take part in the battle actions against Iran,
if they start. Armenia will not do it as it does not want to do, and
Azerbaijan – as it is scared. “Unlike other countries of the region,
Georgia has not yet commented on the matter. However, one can suppose
that even if Tbilisi wants to support the USA and EU, its geographic
location will make it impossible to take part in the battle actions”,
– the expert said.

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