Armenian Gold Mine’s Issue Is Being Discussed

March 13, 2012 | 12:00

The Geoteam Company, which had received the right to operate Armenia’s
Amulsar Gold Mine, is not attending Tuesday’s discussion being held
in Jermuk city and entitled “Amulsar Gold Mine’s Impact on Jermuk
Health Resort City.”

“The Geoteam Company will not take part in today’s discussion, since
it has not received a formal and a properly formed invitation. In
addition, our company was included among the participants, but without
prior notice,” the Company’s corresponding statement reads.

The Amulsar Gold Mine is located 12 kilometers from Jermuk health
resort city. And even though there are concerns that the operation
of the Mine would jeopardize the future of the city, the Geoteam
Company stated, on numerous occasions, that this will not create any
environmental hazard.

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