Cabinet Approves Tourism Development Program For 2012


DECEMBER 22, 2011

At the cabinet sitting today the Armenian Government approved the
“Tourism Assistance Services” 2012 program. Minister of Economy
Tigran Davtyan said the main goal of the program is to ensure through
intensive and effective marketing formation of Armenia’s description
as a favorable and attractive place for tourists and its presentation
in the international market.

The minister said in case of the implementation of the program it
is expected to preserve the tempo of incoming tourism and in 2012
ensure the visit of 900 thousand tourists to Armenia. In case of
maintenance of such growth tempo in 2013 about 1 million tourists
will visit Armenia.

In 2012 events will be implemented addressed toward finding new
markets. Since 2001 the average annual growth of tourists’ visit to
Armenia made 20-25%. During the past ten years the number of visits
increased with more than 15 times. In 2010 about 683,979 international
tourists visited Armenia, in January-September 2011 551,635 tourists
visited Armenia against 487,902 of the same period of the past year.

From: A. Papazian