Aznavour: I Do Not Know Any Armenian Who Does Not Sing

Dec 7 2011

PARIS. – Russian Argumenti i Fakti newspaper interviewed famous
French-Armenian singer Charles Aznavour.

‘You will win the world as you are able to excite,’ French former
President Charles de Gaulle told Aznavour in the past.

The singer said that he has no intentions to leave the stage in his
87. He started world tour in fall and will sing in Moscow in December.

Armenain presents an extract of the publication.

In response to the question, why Aznavour named his children with
Russian names being of Armenian descent, the singer responded that
his love for Russia is in blood, which he inherited from his father.

Besides, most in Russian literature he loves Chekhov’s works. They
inspire him.

In response, whether there was time when his muse left him, the
singer responded that he was always lucky. He always writes and not
only songs. He sings since he was 9 and starred in movies since 1936.

According to him, “every second Armenian is an artist.” He sang, when
got tired of it, starred in movies, and again started to sing. He can
state for sure that there is no Armenian who does not sing. He was
born and lived his life in Paris. However, his roots are in Armenia:
the language, traditions and musicality. His children do not speak
Armenian but they do not forget their origin. Aznavour is currently
Armenian Ambassador to Switzerland and permanent representative in UN.

He helps Armenia’s children by building schools.

In response to name is favorite song, the artist said it is “Eternal

Regarding the report that his energy opposes his real age, the singer
said that he gets power every day. He advised to live life the way
to deplete it thoroughly, to do everything which is possible and even
more. The artist loves life. As a result, he finds power to sing. He
has no intentions to leave the stage. Recently he released 57th album
called Aznavour forever. Moreover, he started world tour in fall and
planned more than 50 concerts.

Aznavour promised to Russian audience that he will sing old and new
songs in the concert scheduled for December 12 in the Kremlin. His
beloved daughter Katya will sing in a duet with him, which is very
exciting. He hopes that audience in Moscow will experience tenderness
and light melancholy on his performance.

In response to whether a magician could realize Aznavour’s dream on
the New Year, what it will be, he said he would like to work till 90
and die at the age of 100.

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