France Replaces Its Co-Chair


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Published: 17:46:33 – 17/11/2011

The Armenian press published the name of the new OSCE Minsk Group
co-chair of France. Jacques Faure will replace Bernard Fassier.

Jacques Faure was the French ambassador to Ukraine. He is about to
complete his mission in Kiev. In November, Bernard Fassier will visit
the region last time as a co-chair.

In the summer of the current year, some experts announced that it is
France~Rs turn to take on the role of the ~Sactive mediator~T in the
settlement process. Earlier the experts had announced that France is
going to replace Fassier.

France implemented its intention after Nicolas Sarkozy~Rs regional
visit. In fact, during this regional visit France expressed interest
in some active intentions in the South Caucasus. Meanwhile, the OSCE
Minsk Group, besides being a platform of settlement of the Karabakh
conflict, is also a platform of discussion of broader regional issues
where the three leading states of global politics try to come to
terms on different issues.

In this meaning, the replacement of the co-chair does not necessarily
mean essential change in the behavior of France regarding the
settlement of the Karabakh issue. This replacement may suppose a more
global regional scope and this replacement will affect the Karabakh
issue accordingly.

Judging by recent developments, the logic of approaches of the
international community to the Karabakh issue is changing, and Karabakh
is no longer viewed as the key to the solution of regional issues but
is accepted for information, the legal term for which is recognition.

From: Baghdasarian

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