Ruling Party’s Fascist Airs


Story from News:

Published: 13:42:34 – 12/11/2011

Delivering a speech at Tata’s show dedicated to the international
youth day and sponsored by the Republican Party, Prime Minister Tigran
Sargsyan spoke about future victories in chess and football. “And
that potential is in this hall,” Tigran Sargsyan said.

Perhaps it is worthwhile to dwell on this note. And in the hall was
the youth who are fans of Tata, a rabis city folk singer. The youth
listening to Tata may contain a potential for football but the youth
with a chess potential will hardly attend Tata’s show. But this is
not the problem. At that moment, Tigran Sargsyan remembered football
and chess but perhaps he meant other victories too so he meant that
there was potential for other victories too.

This is already a hint at the main problem.

Several thousands of young people gathered at Tata’s concert. They were
Republicans or pro-Republicans. When the prime minister announces that
the potential of victories is in this hall, it smells like fascism.

Several times more young people were outside that hall and they hardly
have less potential than those inside the hall. When the prime minister
says that the potential is in this hall, he paraphrases his earlier
statement “who fails to join the Republicans will not reach anywhere”.

In the world, the “we” election rhetoric is popular, yes we can,
Obama said in the United States. Let’s do it together, Yedinaya
Rossiya says in Russia.

In Armenia, however, “we” is not an attempt to reach out to the public
but a threat and blackmail: We are this, and if you do not become part
of us, we will not let you reach anywhere. This is the impression of
the election campaign of the ruling party. This gradually resembles
fascism, when everything is identified with one structure.