MP: Power And Business Should Be Separated From Each Other In Armeni

MP: Power And Business Should Be Separated From Each Other In Armenia

NOVEMBER 10, 2011

YEREVAN, November 10. /ARKA/. Power and business should be separated
from each other in Armenia, Vardan Bostanjyan, an MP from Prosperous
Armenia party, told journalists on Thursday.

However, he said, this is a time-consuming and complicated process.

“It is clear that a businessman shouldn’t be an official, and an
official shouldn’t be a businessman, but the incorrectness we see in
Armenia is quite natural, since other countries have sought application
of this principle for centuries, and we are now at the very beginning
of this way,” he said.

In his opinion, business people’s presence in governing institutions
is natural at the beginning of statehood.

He is convinced that governing institutions will gradually be getting
rid of business people.

“Businessmen have characteristics enabling them to work and create
wealth, not to engage in politics,” he said.

Prosperous Armenia, a moderate centrist party with a liberal leaning,
was established in 2004. The party leader is Gagik Tsarukyan, a member
of National Assembly, the head of National Olympic Committee and the
president of Multi Group concern. The party has 24 members in the
National Assembly.

Prosperous Armenia is a member of the ruling coalition. Its coalition
fellow members are the Republican Party of Armenia and Orinats Yerkir.

The party has four ministers in the government. They are healthcare,
labor and social welfare, urban planning and sports and youth

The party also has vice-speaker’s seat in Armenian Parliament.

From: Baghdasarian