"Bandits" On Road To Trchkan


The issue of Trchkan Waterfall has been solved and there won’t be
construction of a hydro-electric station there, but environmental
activist Mariam Sukhudyan says there are still issues that remain

“To this day, Trchkan Waterfall is not registered, and this means that
there is no guarantee that it will be preserved,” Mariam Sukhudyan told
“A1+”. Volunteers will be on-duty at Trchkan Waterfall to follow up
and see what is going on there.

We mention that the environmental activists had organized a 14-day
sitting strike near Trchkan Waterfall to not allow the construction of
a hydro-electric station. When they were convinced that there wouldn’t
be any construction, they shaved their heads as a sign of victory.

“The decision of shaving our heads was linked to the feeling of
rebirth. A person who has fought for 14 days like us will understand
us better,” Mariam Sukhudyan said.

The environmentalists hadn’t been permitted to climb to the top of
the waterfall through the Chichkhanadzor road and the reason was
because that was one of the villagers’ property.

Sukhudyan confirmed this and said: “That happened twice. The same
person would stop us and tell us that we were going through his
property and had to pay him 5,000 drams for that.”

Mariam provided the RA Police with information about this with the
demand to instigate a case on “The bandit on the Chichkhanadzor road”,
but the police found that the villager was not committing a crime.