30th Anniversary Issue Of Ranking Of Credit Companies Of Armenia Rel


Thursday, November 10, 19:10

The Financial Analysis Service of the Agency of Rating Marketing
Information, whose hard core is ArmInfo News Agency, has released the
30th anniversary issue of its bulletin “Ranking of Credit Companies
of Armenia”. The analytics of the credit companies’ indices, like any
other information and analytical product of the Agency, has undergone
considerable evolution over 7 years of existence.

“We started analyzing this segment of the financial market in
2004 when there were only 6 operating companies in the market. Now
this list consists of 31 companies, including 1 credit union and 3
leasing enterprises”, says Karina Melikyan, Head of the Financial and
Analytical Service of ArmInfo. According to her, though the credit
resources provided to economy and citizens by the credit companies
considerably yield to the banking sector, this bulletin is an integral
part of another analytical product – “Ranking of Commercial Banks
of Armenia”, which the Agency started issuing in the mid 90s of
XX century.

“We are grateful to our subscribers for their confidence in us, in our
modest capabilities to analyze the situation in the market from the
point of view of both technical and fundamental analysis. I am sure
that alongside with development of the market, its consolidation,
and introduction of a great number of financial tools and products,
we will continue responding adequately to the analytical requests
of our partners and contractors”, says Emmanuil Lazarian, Director
General of ArmInfo.

To note, in 2011 ArmInfo introduced a new financial and analytical
product in the market – “Ranking of the Largest Enterprises of
Armenia”. The second issue of this bulletin has already been prepared
according to the results of activities of the Armenia industrial and
trade enterprises over FY 2010.

ArmInfo News Agency celebrated its “de-jure” 10th anniversary in
July 2011. However, de-facto ArmInfo is the successor of SNARK News
Agency that was founded in April 1991 by a small group of professional
journalists. Immediately after its reorganization into ArmInfo, the
agency continued extending the sphere of its “information influence.”

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Emil Lazarian

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