Professor Harutyun Mesropyan Discusses Armenia’s Financial Situation


November 10, 2011 – 16:19 AMT

PanARMENIAN.Net – Earlier last month, the Armenian Assembly’s Yerevan
office, as part of its ongoing Youth Club lecture series, hosted a
special lecture on “Armenia and the global financial crisis.”

Professor Harutyun Mesropyan, a management expert and doctoral
candidate in economic studies, discussed Armenia’s financial situation,
including the impact of the global financial crisis, as well as ideas
and solutions for overcoming the current challenges.

Mesropyan highlighted the fact that even in a non G-20 country like
Armenia, the crisis progresses in the same pattern as in any other
country. He gave specific examples of places like Korea, Singapore,
and others that have overcome economic hardships and turned into
financially stable countries with leading economies.

In addition, Mesropyan emphasized that the financial crisis is a
widespread phenomenon, and methods for addressing such a crisis have
been developed over the years. He pointed out that Armenia still has
an opportunity to draw the right lessons and take the appropriate
steps to not only prevail over the financial crisis, but to also have
an exceptionally strong economic system.

“Taking into account the importance of the topic at hand I find that
it is vital that the youth be given the aforementioned knowledge on
the subject,” stated the Assembly’s Country Director Armina Darbinian.

“It is the current youth that is going to be the coming generation
that will pull our nation out of the crisis and build a prosperous
Armenia. It is for this reason that the Assembly Yerevan office has
initiated the Youth Club for our young professionals. It provides them
with the knowledge that is necessary for building a better country,
a country we can truly be proud of,” she added.

Professor Mesropyan’s presentation was followed by an informative
question and answer session during which the young audience was given
an opportunity to express their point of view and learn more about
the strategies of overcoming the economic challenges Armenia faces.